Section 1.

The name of this organization shall be the Sound Machine Booster Club.



Section 1.

The objectives and purposes of the Booster Club shall be:

A. To promote the welfare of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band and Pep Band.

B. To promote the spirit of fellowship among fellow Band alumni of NCCU and to strengthen our relationship with the University and the music students on campus.

C. To present, encourage and sponsor activities which will enhance the reputation of the Sound Machine and interpret the same to the public.

D. To aid our University in securing funds from other sources to help with any projects for the continuous building of the Sound Machine, Jazz Band, Concert Band and Pep Band.

E. To encourage prospective alumni and other concerned participants to take an interest in the welfare and in the continuation of the highest quality band in the country.

F. To recruit prospective students who show evidence of being an asset to the Sound Machine, Jazz Band, Concert Band and Pep Band.

G. To encourage regular attendance at functions and events that feature the Sound Machine and Jazz Band.

H. To attract and stimulate the interest of prospective members to participate in projects for the advancement of the University.



Section 1.

The following shall be eligible for membership in the Sound Machine Booster Club:

All individuals, businesses, organizations and students who have an interest in furthering the objectives as identified in Article II above. NCCU will have a Student Booster Club on the University campus which will include high school students and Durham Technical Community College students.

Section 2.

Active Membership.

A. Individuals obtain active status by payment of Booster Club dues.

B. Each Booster Club shall be affiliated with a local NCCU Alumni Chapter. The Student Booster Club will be affiliated with the Band and governed by the rules of Student Activities and University clubs and organizations.

C. Each Booster Club shall submit a written report to the local Alumni Chapter prior to the Annual Meeting (national).

Section 3.

Voting Rights.

Only active (financial) members shall be eligible to vote.



Section 1.

The officers of each Booster Club shall be:

A. President

B. Vice President

C. Recording-Corresponding Secretary

D. Treasurer

E. Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

F. Parliamentarian

All of whom shall be members in good standing in the Booster Club.

Section 2.

Election and term of office:

The election of officers shall be held at the first local Alumni meeting. The term of office shall be for two (2) years following the election.

Section 3.

Duties of officers:

A. President.

1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, call meetings, and committee meetings. This person shall call such meetings as deemed necessary.

2. This person shall appoint needed committees for the benefit of the Booster Club.

3. This person shall be an ex-officio member of all special groups and committees.

4. This person shall supervise, guide and report the issues and findings as recommended by the Booster Club to the Band Director.

5. This person shall have responsibility for recruiting members in the Booster Club.

6. This person shall represent the Booster Club at all Alumni meetings and any other meetings designated by the Booster Club, and shall properly report information to the Alumni Chapter.

B. The Vice President.

1. This person shall preside over all meetings when the President is not present, or when asked to preside by the President.

2. This person shall assist the President in the conducting of the President's office.

3. This person shall assist in the recruitment of members.

4. This person shall represent the President in his absence at outside meetings and affairs and as requested by the President.

C. The Recording-Corresponding Secretary.

1. This person shall record all proceedings of meetings and conferences and report same to the body.

2. This person shall make the minutes of the meetings available to the Alumni Chapter.

3. This person shall prepare and distribute typed copies of the minutes to Club members.

4. This person shall help with the various correspondence and written materials for the benefit of the Booster Club and perform other duties as may be prescribed by the President and the general body.

5. This person shall send out notification of meetings to the Club members.

D. The Treasurer.

1. This person shall accept all deposits, contributions, solicitations (receipts) and report same to the Treasurer of the Alumni Chapter.

2. This person shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and all disbursements.

3. This person shall requisition all payments as acted upon and authorized by the body. Payment shall be made by the Treasurer of the Alumni Chapter.

4. This person shall make a monthly financial report to the membership itemizing all debts incurred, and giving the balance as of that date, at intervals deemed necessary by the President.

5. This person shall receive from the local Alumni Treasurer monthly bank statements of all receipts and disbursements to the Band Booster Club.

E. The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

This person shall assist the secretary and treasurer in the conduct of their duties.

F. The Parliamentarian.

1. This person shall construe and interpret the rulings of the by-laws as approved by the body, and from time to time, certain rules of laws enacted in the minutes.

2. This person shall obtain a copy of the Revised Robert's Rules of Order and bring such to each meeting and be familiar therewith.

3. This person shall be the chairperson of the constitution committee.

Section 4.

Removal from Office.

Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the body. Action for removal from office must be indicated by written petition The officers must be notified, in writing, of the action at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken, in order to allow him/her time to respond to the impending action prior to the meeting.

Section 5.


Vacancies which occur because of death, resignation or removal from office may be filled temporarily by appointment by the President until the next regular or special meeting of the body.



Section 1.

Membership on Committees.

Committee chairpersons shall be by appointment of the President. Volunteers for such positions should notify the President.

Section 2.

Functions of Committees.

A. Membership Committee

It shall be the duty of this Committee to develop and carry out strategies for the solicitation of new members and the reactivation of inactive members. It shall also be the responsibility of this Committee to stay in regular contact with and solicit membership and participation from all parents of Sound Machine students.

B. Scholarship/Recruitment Committee.

It shall be the duty of this Committee to work with the local Alumni Chapter in identifying and recruiting high school students for the NCCU Sound Machine Band. Section 3,

D. University Liaison Committee

It shall be the responsibility of this Committee to stay in regular contact with the Band Director to ensure there is a direct line of communication between the University and the Booster Club.

E. Alumni Band Committee

It shall be the responsibility of this Committee to help organize and implement the active participation of Alumni Band members in Band activities which involve performances at Homecoming and any other performances as may be requested by the Band Director.

F. Mentor Committee

It shall be the duty of this Committee to make sure every instrument that is purchased for the Sound Machine is properly identified and commemorated by gold plate inscription on the instrument case identifying the donator. It is also the duty of this Committee to make sure the donator is identified as the mentor for the student to whom the instrument is assigned.

G. Hospitality and Support Committee

It shall be the duty of this Committed to arrange for the support and assistance to the Sound Machine Band during performances which will include, but not be limited to:

  • Refreshments
  • Loading Instruments
  • Cleaning Instruments
  • Unloading Instruments
  • Dressing for Performances
  • Directing Activities
  • Performance Preparation

H. Uniform and Equipment Maintenance Committee

It shall be the responsibility of this Committee to ensure for the proper cleaning of uniforms and maintenance of band instruments.

Section 3.

Special Committees

The President shall appoint committees as appropriate.



Section 1.

Amendments to the By-Laws of the Booster Club shall be made only in a regular meeting and approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast. Such amendment(s) shall become effective immediately. Copies shall be sent to each member for acknowledgement at least thirty (30) days after approval.


1. The Sound Machine Booster Club shall be a free standing organization and shall function under the tax exempt status of the local NCCU Alumni Association.

2. All donations and solicitations shall be deposited with the local NCCU Alumni Association Treasurer.

3. The University will be encouraged to have a student Sound Machine Booster Club that will work directly with the University Band and Jazz Band.

4. Each Alumni Chapter will be encouraged to have a Sound Machine Booster Club.

5. The Sound Machine Booster Club shall function under the umbrella and 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status of the Local Alumni Chapter.

6. The Student Booster Club should be encouraged to travel to all away football games with the Band. A reserved section at the NCC University stadium, should be established for the Student Booster Club.

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