NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club
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Mr. Jorim E. Reid

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Booster Club Officers and Staff Names and E-mail Contact
President Marilyn M. Clements
Vice PresidentAvis Hines
Executive Co-ordinator
NCCU Alumni Band
Javanti Rogers
Recording SecretaryBelinda Staten
Corresponding Secretary Elaine Laws
TreasurerAlan Fitzgerald
ParliamentarianNorris Burton
Executive Advisory Board
Durham Chapter
Dennis W. Ellis
Executive Advisory Board
Charlotte Chapter
John Kinsey
NCCU Office of Development Affairs Co-ordinator Tonia D. Butler
NCCU Sound Machine
Band President
Ronnie Chalmers
Sound Machine Booster Club
Membership Application
S.M. Booster Club Webmaster SMBC Mailing Address
P.O. Office Box 72212
Durham, North Carolina 27722

  • Director - NCCU Office of Alumni Affairs
  • NCCU Alumni Affairs Information
  • National NCCU Alumni President
  • Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni President
  • NCCU Sports Information Director

  • NCCU Sound Machine Band Director
  • Sound Machine Booster Club President
  • Sound Machine Alumni Band Co-ordinator
  • Campus Echo Newspaper
  • Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Webmaster
  • NCCU Sound Machine Booster Club
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  • Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association
  • N.C. School Bands.Com
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  • World-Wide Black Radio Guide
  • The NCCU Jazz Ensemble Home Page
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